How do you rock your head wraps?🧣🤎

How do you rock your head wraps?🧣🤎

Head Wraps are one of our favorite accessories! What was once used to hide the beautiful tresses of black women during slavery has been transformed into a staple accessory "for the culture". But let's rewind to pre-colonial Africa where head wraps were already a beautiful cultural accessory for centuries.

In sub-Saharan Africa women wore head wraps as a symbol of family lineage, status and marriage. While many of us know it as the head wrap, the accessory goes by a few other names : gele (Yoruba), duku (Chichewa), and iduku (IsiZulu), just to name a few. During African wedding ceremonies you are likely to see many women donning a  gorgeous head wrap often laced with glitter, and intricate patterns. 

You’ll see women (and men) rocking head wraps everywhere from the streets of New York to LA to the runway. One thing we love about head wraps is that they can be worn in ANY season. They can protect your hair from the harsh winter winds as well as add a bohemian flair to your summer wardrobe. Head Wraps come in various sizes, colors and patterns and can be worn over all hair types and lengths. 

So…how do you wear and most importantly tie a head wrap? We like to wear them with both causal and dressy outfits (see photos below). When it comes to tying head wraps it is a matter of what you like! One of our favorite ways is to tie a knot in the front. We recorded our own tutorial for you to follow to learn some basic tying methods:

Have you ever worn a head wrap? If not would you like to try? Whether you own one or not our head wraps come in two colors and double as a winter scarf as well! We love a versatile piece. 

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- CEO Sam

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