About Us

 / [vɛʀ ] French for glass /

 Transparent. Mirrored. Tempered. Brittle. Hard. 

Glass is strong, yet delicate; a normally transparent or translucent material; an instrument that has one or more lenses & is designed to help in the viewing of objects not readily seen. 

The name VERRE is derived from the French word for glass. Many things come to mind when thinking about the word glass. Transparency is the first. Being transparent is trusting yourself and being trusted by others. As a business owner, being transparent is important to me. Transparency is all about honesty, integrity and openness. The glass ceiling is a metaphor that comes to mind as well. As a woman and a minority the glass ceiling is a possible barrier during my journey to success. 

VERRE was born from my aspiration of becoming a business owner as well as my love for bohemian fashion.  Since middle school it has been a dream of mine. I attended college for business, but was never drawn to corporate life. My interests always lie in the creative realm: fashion, music and art. The VERRE online store was created to fill a need for fashionable, yet affordable bohemian inspired apparel. If you've read this far, thank you! :) & welcome to VERRE. Happy shopping!

Strong, yet delicate. 

- CEO, Samantha Annalicia


The Boho Babe Brunch is back! 🥂💃🏾🛍️

Grab a friend and meet us at this year’s location in Philly. Join us for great food, shopping from local vendors, networking and good vibes of course. ✨🪩🍹

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Celebrate Juneteenth with us in OC! ♥️💚🖤

Enjoy live music, food, and shopping with us and many other black owned businesses! 🎶